Video Installation for Pudding 002

I was invited to participate in Pudding 002, an exhibition in Seoul curated by James Chae. My video. titled To Compose, responds to a DJ set that was provided to all participants.

When I’m unsure on how to start a project I look towards Richard Serra’s Verblist for inspiration. Using a list of prompts to generate form can lead to unexpected results and create unique compositions. As in music, composition within design is about a collective being brought to life through a set of parts. This work is very much focused on this core idea—individual pieces composed together to form a whole. The text used is an additional set of verbs I propose to be included within Serra’s original list. The meaning of each new verb is centered around generating compositions through multiple pieces coming together. Using a stop-motion influenced technique, each frame of this video is in itself a unique composition which then becomes added to the overall sequence. The result is a fast-paced text-heavy animation which attempts to exhaust each verb while referencing the densely woven and textured DJ set.

Kyle Green