STA 100 Poster System

Design by Thirst

Art Direction: Bud Rodecker
Design: Kyle Green and Zach Minnich

Thirst designed the poster, and identity system for the newly relaunched Society of Typographic Arts 100 Competition.

First launched in 1978, The STA 100 Competition seeks to honor the best 100 examples of communication design that utilize innovative typography and design from around the world.

Thirst designed a frame that will remain consistent for each year’s competition. Inside the frame, an invited designer will create their interpretation of 100.

Zach Minnich and I designed this year’s 100. The graphic is built with several layers each referencing 100 in different ways. The first layer is a bitmapped version of the “100” type from the 100 dollar bill. The second layer is made up of four different custom fonts, and the final layer contains 100 circles that have been warped. The poster was printed using neon colors, referencing 1960’s psychedelic posters.



The magenta layer is an appropriation of the type from the 100 dollar bill. The orange layer has 100 warped circles. The green layer has four custom typefaces and replaces the zeros with stars, showing a metamorphosis from the Chicago star to the United States star, symbolizing the expansion of the organization.

On Press
Kyle Green