Heterotopia #2

A Greenscreen has become a symbol for a placeholder. A space that will eventually become filled with content that may end up completely opposite of the spaces and surfaces in front of it. This technique is called chroma key compositing or chroma keying, and it is a special effects technique for compositing multiple videos together.

Heterotopia #2 is a project that explores the spatial relations of video compositing between the physical and digital environments. I designed a book that revisits my previous research on Michel Foucault’s theory of heterotopias, being a space that blurs syntax or understanding and juxtaposes two worlds. When handled physically the book is contentless, except for black text over green shapes. In the video documentation of the book, the green shapes become activated and are layered with content through chroma key compositing. The new digital content completes and complements the text that exists physically within the book. The layering of these two spaces creates a distorted and misregistered view that is split between the two manifestations of the book.

Kyle Green